Harnessing Potential – Alternative Lending Market in Australia



KPMG has commissioned a report undertaken by the University of Sydney’s Business School  of over 500 alternative finance platforms in 17 Asia-Pacific countries and regions, capturing an estimated 70 percent of the visible market. As the first comprehensive study of the Asia-Pacific online alternative finance market, this research contributes to the growing body of data supporting the region’s potential.

Click here to view the full report.

Some key questions about the marketplace lending in 2016:

  • Are individual or business borrowers using marketplace/ peer-to-peer lending because they have failed to obtain nance from banks, or in fact do they prefer the speed, flexibility and services offered by the alternative finance platforms?
  • Do businesses that raise finance via an alternative finance platform perform better in terms of profitability, revenue and job creation against businesses that rely on traditional funding channels?
  • From a credit analytics perspective, how are alternative finance platforms using new forms of data to ascertain the creditworthiness of borrowers?
  • Are platform credit risk modelling and underwriting facilities sufficiently robust – particularly in comparison with traditional finance providers?

Due to the fact online digital P2P or marketplace lending is a relatively new concept, answers to all of these questions are not yet clear and vary from country to country. The growth of the marketplace lending space within the Asia-Pacific region is rapid and there will be many lending platforms coming to market over the next few years.

At CPC the performance of our development project offerings will be key. Assessing the creditworthiness of our development members (borrowers) and the suitability of the project will ensure CPC can deliver sustainable yields to our investor members (lenders). This will enable CPC to not only prosper but to earn the respect of the marketplace.