Lender in focus: LSH Credit


Written by David Lovato – CPC Development Lending Solutions

October 2023

When it comes to property development, every detail counts, and that includes your choice of lender. 

Enter LSH Credit, which specialises in providing finance for completed residential properties. While they typically offer loans of up to $5 million, they are open to considering deals above this threshold on a case-by-case basis, albeit with lower loan-to-value ratios (LVRs).

In this second ‘lender in focus’ article, we’ll shed light on LSH Credit’s unique offerings and why they could be the finance partner you’ve been searching for.

What makes them different?

What sets LSH Credit apart from the crowd is its commitment to transparency and ethics. This means you needn’t worry about hidden clauses, mysterious charges, or unwelcome interest rate surprises.

They also aren’t reliant on external investors but rather lend off their balance sheet with rates starting from the mid-8s on a 12-month term, alongside a 1% net establishment fee.

What’s their credit policy like?

For property developers considering LSH Credit, there are some key criteria to keep in mind. 

Firstly, they are generally willing to finance up to 65% LVR in the metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. While they steer clear of construction and land bank deals, they will consider cash outs, refinances, residual stock, and acquisitions.

To apply, you’ll need a profit and loss statement and balance sheet spanning two years for profiling purposes. They also want to see a six-month business transaction statement to ensure ongoing business activity.

A streamlined application and assessment process

LSH Credit believes in upfront due diligence to minimise surprises. 

Term sheets are typically issued within 1-3 days, and formal approvals range from 1-5 days, depending on the deal’s size. 

Their assessment process focuses on the sponsor’s assets and background, the security’s location and quality, and the exit strategy for repayment.

Why choose LSH Credit?

Three key reasons stand out. 

LSH Credit:

  • Offer transparency and simplicity in their lending approach
  • Assess your application on its merits, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Work closely with their existing borrowers, so can provide ongoing support throughout your property development journey

LSH Credit is a lender that ticks a lot of boxes; however, they may not be the right fit for you as a borrower. CPC has access to many lenders like LSH, so we can find you the right lender for your situation. 

Looking to get your property development project off the ground? CPC works with a broad range of lenders so can help you overcome any funding challenges. To confidentially discuss your options, contact David Lovato on +61 434 932 634 or [email protected].