Lender in focus: Jadig Finance


Written by David Lovato – CPC Development Lending Solutions

September 2023

As property developers, choosing the right financial partner can mean the difference between your project’s success or its stagnation. But navigating Australia’s crowded finance marketplace can be a complex and overwhelming task.  

To help, CPC Development Lending Solutions is profiling some of our lenders so you can understand what each brings to the table.

First up is Jadig Finance, a lender that specialises in financing projects below the $20 million mark. This includes everything from senior and mezzanine debt for site and development finance to property-backed investment lending. 

What makes them different?

As a family business, Jadig Finance puts a strong emphasis on transparency and building lasting relationships. So instead of viewing your project as a mere business deal, they are genuinely invested in your project’s success, setting the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership that delivers solid results.

This is a lender that, quite literally, takes business personally. 

As a result, they pride themselves on their flexible, pragmatic approach, which means they can offer bespoke funding solutions even in challenging scenarios. Thanks to their asset-class agnostic stance, they’re open to a broader range of projects, assessing each on its merits, rather than checklist criteria.

Speaking of which, Jadig Finance offers a credit policy that’s both transparent and respectful. Their experience-driven approach cultivates partnerships built on trust. 

Finally, we all know that, in property development, time is money. Recognising this, Jadig Finance has streamlined its assessment process, with most applications turnaround within 48 hours.

A final word

While Jadig Finance offers a compelling proposition, they won’t be the perfect fit for everyone as different clients have different needs. As such, there are scenarios where other lenders may be more appropriate. This is why CPC works with a broad range of lenders as it means our clients have access to lending solutions tailored to their unique requirements and project specifications.

To confidentially discuss your options, contact David Lovato on +61 434 932 634 or [email protected].